Nine Must-Track Call Metrics for Inside Sales Success

Inside sales teams are experiencing explosive growth, with as many as fifteen inside sales reps being hired for each outside rep. This means that your company should expect more competition than ever.

As your competitors ramp up their sales teams, only the most tactical and data-driven managers will hit their revenue targets. According to a CSO Insights study, only 57% of companies hit revenue targets. Monitoring the right sales metrics enables managers to predict the future, and identify whether your company is on course to hit goals.

Each metric is described in detail, revealing why managers should be tracking each metric, as well as how sales managers can use each KPI to improve sales ROI.

Our latest free eBook reveals nine vital performance indicators that managers must track in order to:

  • Gain real-time insight into pipeline
  • Coach sales reps to be rockstars
  • Identify key opportunities for growth