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Simply introduce ringDNA to a qualified buyer, and ringDNA can work the sales process.

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If you’d like to develop a practice around ringDNA implementation, our team will train, onboard and certify your in-house trainers. We will also provide access to our university of training articles and videos.

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For partners specializing in ongoing digital business transformation and sales process optimization, ringDNA delivers unprecedented analytics and insights into the sales process, providing ample opportunities for partners to leverage ringDNA data for ongoing process mining and optimization consulting with customers.

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"We use ringDNA to connect our selling motions with Salesforce to drive automation, efficiency, and scale. Other solutions don't have anything that is nearly as fluid or complete as what ringDNA has to offer."

Dana Clark, Director, Sales Process and Capabilities, Nutanix

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"ringDNA is simply the best inside sales solution for Salesforce."

Sean Whiteley, Founder,

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