• Revenue by Channel

  • Discover which Marketing Efforts Drive the Most Valuable Calls

    Inbound calls are consistently rated as the most valuable lead channel. RingDNA tells you which marketing sources drive the best calls, and helps you get more leads, opportunities and revenue from all your marketing efforts.

  • Measure & Monitor Inbound Calls from Any Source

    Capture phone leads from any online or offline source including Google AdWords, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, websites, print collateral, TV ads, billboards and more.

  • Calls by Lead Source

  • The best solution for Salesforce customers.

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  • Convert More Inbound Calls into Customers

    RingDNA empowers your sales reps to close more deals by automatically routing callers to the most available or skilled rep, along with intelligent prospect data that shows your reps who’s calling, what they want, and what to say to them.

  • Call Analytics that Are Predictive and Prescriptive

    RingDNA offers dozens of brilliant call intelligence dashboards that populate in real time, offering the intelligence you need to invest in the most efficient marketing campaigns, minimize customer hold times and ensure that sales-ready phone leads never slip through the cracks.

  • RingDNA Dashboards

  • Create Local, Toll-Free and International Phone Numbers

  • Instantly Create Local, Toll-Free and International Phone Numbers

    Creating new call tracking numbers and associating them with call routing flows, campaigns or marketing sources has never been easier. Provision a local or toll-free number with just one click. You can even provision international numbers from dozens of countries on the fly.

  • Become a Google AdWords Genius

    RingDNA fully integrates with Google AdWords, enabling you to make far smarter investments. View online and offline conversion data in real time. Know which paid search keywords are winners. And spend more on ads and keywords that are proven to drive the most leads, opportunities and revenue.

  • Google Adwords Genius

Works with

    • Salesforce

    • Google Adwords

    • bing

    • logo-twitter

    • logo-linkedin

    • logo-facebook

    • logo-yelp

Inbound Call Tracking Features

  • Feature Description
    Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Route calls to reps automatically based on sophisticated rules.
    Available Rep Lead Distribution Automatically route calls to available reps.
    Buyer Intent Data Know which promotions caused leads to call and what they want to buy.
    Call Recording Record 100% of inbound calls.
    CTI & Enhanced Caller ID Inbound call alert with contextual data about inbound callers.
    Drag-and-Drop Call Flows Quickly create sophisticated routing rules without hardware or IT.
    Dynamic Sales Scripts Deliver relevant talking points and promotions with every inbound call.
    Inbound Call Desktop Notifications Real-time inbound call notifications.
    Inbound Call Tracking Measure inbound call ROI from any online marketing channel.
    Instant Phone Number Provisioning Provision local, toll free and international numbers with one click
    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Set up phone menus to help callers navigate.
    Keyword Level Call Tracking Track search keywords associated with calls.
    Multi Channel Attribution View, in aggregate, which channels are influencing customers to call.
    Offline Call Tracking Track offline collateral including conference collateral, mail, radio, television and billboards
    Phone Number Porting Port your existing phone numbers over to RingDNA
    Skills-Based Call Routing Dynamically match callers with the best reps or queues.
    Social Media Call Tracking Track ROI from calls that come from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more.
    Voicemail Transcription Automatically transcribe voicemails.

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RingDNA’s call tracking for Salesforce offers the ability to determine which inbound marketing efforts are driving the best calls. Track calls from virtually any online or offline effort including organic, social, television, radio and more. And our Google AdWords call tracking integration makes it easy to track calls from paid search. Best of all, RingDNA’s call tracking product links the marketing cloud to the sales cloud by providing reps with marketing data in the context of calls via CTI.

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