Call Recording for Salesforce

The World's Top Sales Organizations Use Call Recordings To Coach Reps To Success

Listen to Any Sales Conversation on Demand

Never again wonder why a particular sales call did or didn’t result in new business. ringDNA captures 100% of sales call recordings in Salesforce, giving you full visibility into every conversation.

A Powerful Call Training Tool

Many of the world’s most successful enterprise sales organization are use call recordings to coach reps. With ringDNA, you can annotate call recordings with actionable feedback. You can also set up a repository of model sales calls to help reps learn from calls that resulted in revenue.

ringDNA Makes Call Recording Compliance Easy

Call recording laws vary from state to state, and ringDNA enables central management of your team’s calls to help you stay in compliance. Granular state-by-state controls make it easy to automate or disable call recording depending on where the call originates and terminates.

The World’s Most Flexible Voice Recording Solution for Sales Teams

ringDNA’s call recording tool can be configured to work with any phone system, including your desk phone, mobile phone or our Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce and CTI. No matter which devices your sales team use, ringDNA ensures all calls are logged in Salesforce.

Automatic Call Recording Compliance

Record 100% of your sales calls without violating local, national or international regulations with automatic agent-only call recording.

Automatically Transcribe Every Sales Call

Prefer reading call transcripts to listening? No problem! ringDNA's ConversationAI provides complete transcriptions of every call, offering yet another way to gain visibility into every conversation that your sales reps have with prospects.

Experience AI-Powered Call Recording

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