• We can now spend more time coaching and less time waiting for a rep to identify a meaningful call to join.

    • Jen Schlueter
      Senior Manager, Strategic Projects & PMO

  • Surface successful and unsuccessful calls.

    With the combination of call performance metrics, context, and outcome data from your CRM, you’ll have the blueprint for success.

  • Accelerate high-impact outcomes

    Quickly understand what behaviors and conversation tactics drive quota attainment and ROI to replicate what works to sell more, faster.

  • Enforce Best Practices

    Close performance gaps and Identify where reps need coaching to provide 1:1 feedback.

    Build best practice libraries using top-performing calls to force multiply success and shorten onboarding ramp time.

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RingDNA offers the ultimate inside sales dialer for outbound prospecting teams and inbound sales teams using Salesforce. Far more powerful than most power dialers or predictive dialers, RingDNA’s dialing software integrates fully with Salesforce to both capture vital call data in CRM and provide reps with contextual data from Salesforce, marketing automation and other sources. Using RingDNA’s phone dialer software can result in 4x more conversations, 2x more meetings and 3x more revenue.