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01. Ryan Bott (Sodexo, Global Vice President of Inside Sales)
Join Andy Paul and Ryan Bott for a unique conversation exploring what it means to sell with purpose in the era of COVID-19 and beyond.


The Future of Sales
Top sales and marketing leaders have spoken. Our recent survey of over 1,000 sales and marketing leaders revealed exactly how your peers think remote work, AI, the Covid-19 pandemic and other factors will impact sales and marketing throughout 2020 and beyond.


Right Buyers, Right Time, with Meridith Elliot Powell [Episode 788]
In this episode, we discuss sales follow up and how to ensure you are in front of the right buyers at the right time.


Challenging Sales Orthodoxy, with Justin Roff-Marsh [Episode 787]
In this episode, Justin and I challenge sales orthodoxy on a wide range of topics.


Selling Forward Research Report
Analytics for Everyone dives into key performance reports and dashboards for every revenue stakeholder, across every step of the sales process. And the best part is, they all come out of the box with ringDNA!


Six Essential Rules of Sales Negotiation, with Mike Schultz [Episode 786]
in this episode, we discuss the new report RAIN Group published on B2B sales negotiations titled, “Top Performance in Sales Negotiations.”

Case Study

How WorkWave Saw a Surge in Speed to Lead with ringDNA
THE CHALLENGE Unable to efficiently and intelligently assess and route leads, WorkWave was taking too long to respond to leads and route them to the right reps. Data was unreliable, due to multiple systems creating a lag time between data capture, activity logging and reporting. Existing email cadencing solution was too disconnected from their main […]


The Survivor, with Scott Leese [Episode 785]
In today’s episode, we learn of Scott’s amazing resilience in combating a life-threatening illness and how he used that experience to launch his successful sales career.


Increasing Sales Productivity Using Attention Management, with Maura Thomas [Episode 784]
Listen and learn how to manage your attention in a communications economy driven by capturing and holding your attention.


The Laziest Salesperson in America, with Gessie Schechinger [Episode 783]
In today’s episode, Gessie and I dig into how sellers should think about the next two years of their careers and the areas they’ll need to focus on in order to compete.


Keenan Talks GAP Selling – The Uncensored Sales Madness Interview [Episode 782]
Today, Keenan joins me to talk about why GAP Selling has resonated with so many salespeople.


Inside Sales Performance, with Kevin “KD” Dorsey [Episode 781]
We discuss how to improve inside sales performance and why taking responsibility for investing in our own sales-education has been key to our success.