Guided Selling by ringDNA

Minimize Guesswork.
Maximize Revenue.

Real-time guidance that reveals who to reach out to, how to reach out and what to say

Guiding the World's Best Sales Teams with AI-Powered Insights

Take the Next Best Action, Every Time

Leverage the expertise and best practices of top sales performers to make inexperienced reps sell like seasoned ones.

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Schedule Multichannel Sales Cadences

Easily schedule automated sales outreach that include calls, texts, email, social engagements and more to maximize conversions and drive pipeline.

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Train New Sales Reps Faster Than Ever

Dramatically reduce the time required to bring reps to full productivity by using AI to help every rep sell like an expert.

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Keep Reps Focused

Guided Selling lives right in Salesforce, where your reps already work. Maximize the investment your team has already made in the CRM and take performance to the next level.

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Level Up Both Inbound and Outbound Sales

Ensure predictable cadences for account based sales (ABS) campaigns as well as rapid lead response and follow-up from inbound leads.

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Get Real-Time Performance Insight

All sales activities and communications are captured in Salesforce. Detailed reports & dashboards uncover what is working and what needs improvement for continuous growth.

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Elevate Sales Productivity with Approved Sales Playbooks for Inbound and Outbound Sales Engagement

Eliminate wasted sales time and improve performance by automating lead and account prioritization and approved messaging. ringDNA creates a prioritized sequence of leads to contact based on how well they fit your target buyer profile, how often they have been contacted, and any other relevant criteria in your sales playbook.

Easily Build Sales Playbooks Directly in Salesforce

Configure all Call, SMS, Email, and Task actions directly from Salesforce with defined templates and workflows that increase deliverability and response rates for your sales cadence.

Discover Actionable Real-Time Performance Insight

All sales activities and communications are captured in Salesforce. Guided Selling curates and surfaces the most important moments into next best actions. ringDNA automates dozens of actionable metrics - including touches per lead, talk time, and email open rates - enabling managers to monitor playbook execution and optimize in real time.

Works Flawlessly With Your Favorite Sales Tools

Salesforce, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and other sales and marketing tools to ensure perfect communications through any channel.

Dynamic Sales Automation

Automatically add & remove any lead or contact from Sequence based on any critical activity or outcome in your sales playbook. Easily prescribe the frequency of emails, calls, texts, and other communications to each lead based on your preferences and rules.

"ringDNA is the very first sales system that I have just been unequivocally happy with and would recommend to everyone."
Tommy McNultyVP of Sales and Customer Success, Fundera
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“ringDNA was our best sales productivity investment this year.”
Scott ClugstonDirector of Sales, Freshbooks
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