ringDNA Leadership

Howard Brown

Founder & CEO

Howard Brown is the founder and CEO of ringDNA, where he fosters an innovative, fast-growing and collaborative culture. A three-time entrepreneur and former clinical psychologist, Howard’s thought leadership on sales, entrepreneurship and artificial intelligence has appeared on Bloomberg TV, FOX Businesses, Forbes, and Entrepreneur Magazine, and he is a frequent speaker at industry conferences such as Dreamforce and AWS Reinvent. Howard has been listed as one of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2019 by Goldman Sachs, and a top CEO according to Comparably.

Kanwar Saluja


Kanwar Saluja is the Chief Operations Officer of ringDNA, where he focuses on a unique blend of general management, sales, operations and business development that helps align the company and ensures the best customer experience possible. A passionate technology executive, Kanwar has over 17 years of international leadership experience in mobile technology and finance, having served as GM of iBurst, Australia’s first wireless broadband network.

William Tyree


William Tyree is the Chief Marketing Officer of ringDNA, where he works collaboratively to drive growth while creating a brand that inspires companies to elevate performance. Previously, he was CMO at FaceFirst and VP of Marketing at DemandResults. His thought leadership has appeared in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Selling Power, The Deal, MarTech Series and elsewhere.

Cameron Orr


Cameron Orr is the Chief Sales Officer of ringDNA, where he leads the company’s innovative sales team and helps drive the company’s rapid revenue growth. With expertise in SaaS and Cloud operations, Cameron has more than 20 years of experience as a sales leader at companies including Cisco Systems, Blue Jeans Network, and NationBuilder.

Jeff Shelton

VP, Product

Jeff Shelton is the Vice President of Product at ringDNA, where he oversees product strategy and roadmap for ringDNA’s full revenue acceleration platform. With a career spanning entertainment, edtech, blockchain and sales, Jeff brings more than a decade of experience building high-growth B2B and B2C solutions, with a focus on analyzing behavioral patterns and building repeatable processes.

Jason Ouellette

VP, Engineering

Jason Ouellette is the Vice President of Engineering at ringDNA, where he leads the company’s engineering team and development process. The author of Development with the Force.com Platform, Jason is a leading voice in the Salesforce community and has been creating enterprise software for more than 17 years, including a role as Chief Architect at Appirio.

Aditya Shah


Aditya Shah is the Controller of ringDNA, where he oversees all financial operations for the company. A seasoned CPA, Aditya has more than 15 years experience managing financial statement audits and cross-department budgets, including roles at Cornerstone on Demand and KPMG.