Our Leadership

RingDNA’s leadership team is comprised of an unparalleled roster of sales, marketing, and technology trailblazers. Their combined vision and expertise is being channeled toward a single goal: to completely revolutionize the sales profession.

  • Howard Brown

    – CEO & Founder

    Howard Brown is a three-time entrepreneur with a proven track record of success and innovation in marketing, sales, and cloud computing. Thanks to his study and practice of clinical psychology as a marriage and family therapist, he brings a unique perspective to the technology companies he has created. With his newest venture, RingDNA, Howard has combined his passion for the science of conversation with his expertise in revenue performance optimization. RingDNA is poised to transform the sales industry through integrated communications, data science, user-centric design, and optimized workflow.

  • Kanwar Saluja

    – COO

    Kanwar leads operations at RingDNA. Kanwar has over 15 years of international leadership experience in mobile technology and finance, having served as a business consultant and GM of iBurst, Australia’s first wireless broadband network, where he built a channel-centered consumer and enterprise customer base from the ground up.

  • Jason Ouellette

    – VP Engineering

    Jason Ouellette leads RingDNA’s engineering effort. The author of Development with the Force.com Platform: Building Business Applications in the Cloud, Jason has been creating enterprise software for over 25 years, including a role as Chief Architect at Appirio and key positions at webMethods and Composite Software.

  • Olivia Bodnar

    – VP Sales

    Olivia Bodnar leads sales at RingDNA. Olivia was given her very first Salesforce login in 2001 as an Inside Account Executive at Electronic Arts and never looked back. Since that day, Olivia has spent the last 17 years as a student of the sales game, contributing to the growth of category-creating SaaS organizations like Influitive and SAVO. Olivia is also an aspiring essentialist, devotee of empathetic selling and active in L.A.’s burgeoning B2B Tech scene.

  • Jeff Shelton

    – Head of Product

    Jeff leads the Product Development, Design, and Data Science teams at RingDNA. He has over 15+ years as a senior product lead across multiple verticals including B2B entertainment solutions with The New York Times, 100M+ worldwide B2C education users at StudyMode, and innovation in the health, energy, and automotive sectors at Gem. Jeff also is a Board Member of PMA.LA, the largest group of product managers in Los Angeles.

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