Checklists, cheat sheets and other tools to help sales managers create high-performing sales teams.

Transform Your Team’s Customer Appreciation Skills in One Hour With This Workshop Kit
Gratitude has many applications in sales, from being grateful to customers to being happier in your work. It paves the way for better sales coaching, stronger customer relationships, and a healthy culture that people want to be a part of. If you want to inspire this kind of culture in your team, you need to lead by example with gratitude.
The Ultimate Sales Call Cheat Sheet For B2B Discovery Calls
Early-stage calls are where customer relationships are won or lost forever. That’s why we’ve created The Ultimate Sales Call Discovery Cheat Sheet, where we break down the core objectives common to virtually every B2B call, complete with relevant questions to ask during each stage of the call.
The Ultimate Sales Call Evaluation Checklist
We created the Ultimate Sales Call Evaluation Checklist in order to help you transform newly hired or unsuccessful sales reps into winners. We’ve included a variety of categories that will help you quickly assess each rep’s strengths and weaknesses in order to empower each rep to exceed quota.
The B2B Target Buyer Persona Template for Inside Sales Teams
We’ve created a B2B Target Buyer Persona template which was designed specifically to help inside sales reps at B2B companies do a far better job of targeting sales-ready prospects.