• RingDNA Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce

  • A Blended Sales Dialer That Your Reps Will Love Using

    RingDNA fits seamlessly into your reps’ workflow and improves it, automating virtually every trivial task while ensuring that 100% of call activity is logged in Salesforce. Reps will love tracking and optimizing their success nearly as much as you will.

  • Dial More of Your Best Prospects

    With DialNext, reps can blitz through prioritized call lists in Salesforce with one-click dialing. Since RingDNA provides data within the context of calls, reps never have to sacrifice speed for performance.

  • RingDNA Dial Next

  • I’ve used Insidesales.com, Ring Central and Five9 in the past, and now we have the team on RingDNA. It’s our top sales technology investment and has helped grow our revenue by 300%.

    • Dallas Hogensen

    • Dallas Hogensen
      Head of Commercial Sales

  • International Local Presence

  • Have Up to 400% More Sales Conversations

    Dialing leads from a number with a local area code has been shown to boost connection rates by up to 400%. With RingDNA’s Local Presence feature, reps can automatically ensure that a local number appears in their prospects’ caller ID.

  • Smarter Calls, More Revenue

    RingDNA automatically surfaces real-time contextual prospect data from Salesforce, marketing automation platforms and virtually any other source. See buyer intent, communications history, account data and engagement information before or during any call.

  • RingDNA Intelligent Dialer Activity Feed

  • Convert More Inbound Callers Into Customers

    RingDNA also makes reps more successful during inbound calls. Every time the phone rings, RingDNA’s blended dialer let’s reps know who is calling and what to sell them. RingDNA even provides reps with intelligent talking points that keep them on message during calls.

  • RingDNA Dashboards

  • Transform Sales Data Into Revenue

    As your reps connect with customers, RingDNA automatically captures every call, email and call recording in Salesforce. Best of all, raw data is made actionable, thanks to real-time reports and dashboards. As a result, you can coach your reps in real time to reach their potential.

  • Create a Call Cadence

    Through a seamless integration with Salesforce tasks, reps use RingDNA to set prospect follow-up reminders and other events right from the dialer. The result: shorter sales cycles, more opportunities and more revenue.

  • RingDNA Intelligent Dialer - Create Task

  • RingDNA Google Chrome Extension

  • Install in Minutes, Not Days

    Onboarding new reps is as simple as installing an app. One click installs RingDNA into any rep’s Google Chrome browser. Reps can then start making and taking more successful calls in a matter of minutes.

Sales Acceleration Features


    International Local Presence Dialing Automatically dial from local area codes in 50 states and 40 countries
    DialNext Automatically dial down sequential lead lists, reports and tasks in Salesforce.
    Outbound Caller ID Dynamically or manually set a fixed outbound Caller ID.
    Click to Call from Salesforce Click to call leads directly from a list or report in Salesforce.
    Click to Call from Gmail Click to call leads directly from Gmail.
    Conference Calling Instantly create a conference line at any time.
    Timezone Detection See the local time of the prospect you are calling.


    Automatic Call Logging Log all call data automatically.
    Automatic Email Logging Log emails in Salesforce automatically
    Voicemail Drop Get more callbacks with perfect, pre-recorded automated messages.
    Custom Call Dispositions Categorize the outcome of each call with one click.
    Group Voicemail Quickly create voicemail boxes for groups of sales rep.
    Task Management Create tasks, assign tasks and schedule reminders from the dialer.
    Related Salesforce Records Link calls with leads and contacts to specific opportunities or campaigns on the fly.


    CTI & Enhanced Caller ID Inbound call alert with contextual data about inbound callers.
    Intelligent Sales Scripts Intelligent talking points keep reps on-message when leads call.
    Sales Activity Feed View recent calls, emails, meetings and more before and during calls.
    Buyer Intent Data Know which promotions caused leads to call and what they want to buy.
    Customer Account Data View lead notes and Chatter posts within the context of calls.
    Content Engagement See which content leads have engaged with.
    Desktop Notifications Real-time inbound call notifications.

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Featured Customers

RingDNA’s offers the ultimate inside sales dialer for outbound prospecting teams and inbound sales teams using Salesforce. Far more powerful than most power dialers or predictive dialers, RingDNA’s dialing software integrates fully with Salesforce to both capture vital call data in CRM and provide reps with contextual data from Salesforce, marketing automation and other sources. Using RingDNA’s phone dialer software can result in 4x more conversations, 2x more meetings and 3x more revenue.

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