7 Killer Sales Playbook Examples

If you’re like most inside sales leaders, you’re always on the lookout for ways to ramp ramp your newly hired sales reps faster than ever. With increasing competition it’s more vital than ever to get reps to full productivity as quickly as possible. And let’s face it, the reps you are hiring (particularly in SDR and lead response roles) are likely inexperienced. Most newly hired SDRs these days have 1-2 years of experience, with many being hired right out of college. Without the right plan, ramping these reps to productivity can seem like an insurmountable task.

Football strategyIn order to ramp up reps as quickly as possible, one of the most important things you can do is to ensure that reps are following a process. They need to know how many calls they’re supposed to make. And how fast they’re supposed to respond to new inbound leads. They need to know how your company uses CRM (since platforms like Salesforce are wildly customizable). And most importantly, they need to know best practices. If there is a particular message that has worked in the past to overcome objections or beat specific competitors, new reps need easy access to this information. They need to know what content can help deals move forward at various stages and a host of other factors.

That’s where your sales playbook comes in. Think about it. Even the best football team isn’t going to win the Super Bowl without a playbook. Same goes for sales. And more and more of the top sales experts I speak to are touting the importance of a playbook.

In order to help you get started drafting your own sales playbook, I’ve compiled some expert examples of sales playbooks.

12 Elements of a Great Sales Playbook

This eBook by the TAS Group’s Donal Daly discusses 12 crucial elements that belong in your sales playbook including:

  • Repeatable winning sales processes
  • How to utilize sales tools in context at each stage
  • Both simple and complex processes

Sales Playbook Essentials in Brief

This eBook from Marketo and Precision Thinking walks you through some essentials that should be included in your sales playbook.


  • Types of sales playbooks
  • How to prepare
  • Designing playbooks for easy navigation
  • Traps to avoid

Sales Playbook Template

Check out this video from Demand Metric that does an excellent job of walking you through a sales playbook template. Covered:

  • Stages in the buyers journey
  • Buyer personas
  • Best practices around sales opportunities

Sales Playbooks for the 21st Century

Be sure to check out this eBook from Veelo, which discusses some changes you may need to make to your sales playbook in order to stay at the vanguard of sales strategy.


  • What it takes to make a great sales playbook
  • How to avoid the fluency illusion
  • How to increase retenrion

How to Build a Sales Playbook

This is a fantastic free tool from Sales Benchmark Index that can help you build the ideal playbook to support your business.

Key benefits include how to:

  • Drive adoption and acceptance
  • Improve ramp time of new hires
  • Provide the tools to make your sales org more successful

Using Sales Playbooks to Deliver Content to Sales

Check out this expansive article on Forbes about how to use playbooks to help enable sales with content. The article shows how sales playbooks can:

  • Enable and support targeting strategies and easily execute on leads from targeting analytics systems
  • Improve utilization and impact of content in the sales channel
  • Leverage sales and marketing technology including CRM, mobile devices, sales portals and selling applications
  • Establish a basis for channel measurement
  • Get sales and marketing working like a team by aligning marketing content with real world selling situations

Does Your Sales Playbook Need a Makeover?

If you already have a sales playbook but are looking to make it stronger, don’t miss out this awesome post by OpenView’s sales strategist CeCe Bazar. It includes a must-read interview with high Spot’s VP of Sales Jeff Boissoneault on how to build a stellar sales playbook.

Check out our free 90-day Inside Sales Success Plan for more tips on how to build a winning sales team. 


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