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What if your Reps Could Focus More Time on Revenue-Driving Activities?

With ringDNA you can increase productivity while enabling your whole team to spend more time selling.

"ringDNA helps us simplify and drive efficiency across our entire sales process."

Dana Clark, Director of Sales Process and Capabilities, Nutanix

Read the Case Study
Read the Case Study

Replace Sales Guesswork with Guidance

Prioritize accounts and leads based on engagement with your content, emails and social. Send preloaded email templates at scale with proven messaging that’s tailored to exactly where prospects are in their buying cycle.

Guided Selling can help reps win more deals →

Automate Tedious Sales Time Wasters

The average rep spends less than 36% of their time actually selling, but ringDNA helps reps focus on revenue-driving activities. Automatically capture critical data in Salesforce. Provide reps with contextual prospect data that radically reduces the time it takes reps to research prospects before calls.

The Intelligent Dialer can focus reps on selling →

“Research into productivity shows that you can get into a flow. And rather than just working straight through, ask, ‘how can I group like activities together so that I can be more proficient and get them done faster?"

Jill Konrath, Bestselling Author, Selling to Big Companies

Hear the Episode: How To Sell More in Less Time
Hear the Episode: How To Sell More in Less Time

Keep reps focused on the next best actions for driving revenue with Guided Selling

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“ringDNA integrates with Salesforce seamlessly, has a very low maintenance cost and makes our job a lot easier.”

Ryan Conti, Director of Sales Operations, Fundera

See why ringDNA is the #1 solution for Salesforce.
See why ringDNA is the #1 solution for Salesforce.

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See How ringDNA Can Help Your Team Focus on Revenue-Driving Activities

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