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  • “ringDNA is simply the best for Salesforce customers.”

    • Obaid Khan
      Co-Founder, Keep Truckin
  • Features

    Outbound Sales

    Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce Dial faster and smarter with or without your current phone system.
    Next Call Dialing Automated call queuing from sequential call-down lists.
    Local Presence Dialing Automatically dial from local area codes in 40 countries. Billed
    Outbound Caller ID Manually set a fixed outbound Caller ID.
    Voicemail Drop Get more callbacks with perfect, pre-recorded automated messages.
    Automatic Call Logging Log all call data automatically.
    Click to Call Click to call leads directly from Salesforce.
    Custom Call Dispositions Categorize the outcome of each call with one click.
    Conference Calling Instantly create a conference line at any time.
    Task Management Create tasks, assign tasks and schedule reminders from the dialer.
    Related Salesforce Records Link calls with leads and contacts to specific opportunities or campaigns on the fly.
    *Low Call Rates Low domestic and international call rates. Billed

    Inbound Sales

    Inbound Call Tracking Measure inbound call ROI from any marketing channel. Billed
    Salesforce Campaign Attribution Attribute marketing spend to any Salesforce campaign.
    Multi-Line (Concurrent) Call Handling Receive and make unlimited calls simultaneously.
    CTI & Enhanced Caller ID Screen pop with contextual data about inbound callers.
    Desktop Notifications Real-time inbound call notifications.
    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Set up phone menus to help callers navigate.
    Instant Call Forwarding Instantly forward calls to any device or agent.
    Intelligent Sales Scripts Deliver relevant talking points and promotions with every inbound call.
    Automatic Call Logging Auto-log call data in Salesforce from desktop and mobile devices.
    Custom Call Dispositions Categorize the outcome of each call with one click.
    Warm and Cold Call Transfer Easily transfer calls with or without context.
    Group Voicemail Quickly create voicemail boxes for groups of sales rep.
    Campaign-Based Routing Route calls by inbound marketing campaign or channel.

    Advanced Management Features

    Mission Control View Monitor team call activity with real-time agent monitoring.
    Call Barging Join in on live calls to assist sales reps.
    Call Monitoring Listen to agent calls in real time to ensure quality.
    Automatic Call Recording Automatically record all inbound & outbound calls.
    Instant SIP/Web RTC Switching Switch between WebRTC & SIP calls instantly.
    Call Queues Unlimited call queues for maximum efficiency.
    Agent Groups Organize reps into groups for efficient management and routing.
    Skills-Based Call Routing Dynamically match callers with the best reps or queues.
    Drag-and-Drop Call Flows Quickly create sophisticated routing rules without hardware or IT.
    Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Route calls to agents automatically based on sophisticated rules.
    Available Agent Lead Distribution Automatically route calls to available reps.
    Unlimited Extensions Instantly create unique agent extensions.
    Instant Local Phone Numbers Quickly create phone numbers for almost any area code.
    Instant Toll-Free Phone Numbers Instantly create toll-free phone numbers.
    International Phone Numbers Acquire phone numbers in 40 countries.

    Outbound Sales Metrics (Partial List)

    Outbound Call Volume by Rep Are reps making enough calls to meet quota?
    Outbound Calls by Time of Day Are reps calling at the right time of day?
    Call Connection Percentage How often are reps connecting with decision makers?
    Call to Voicemail Percentage How often are calls going to voicemail?
    Dials Per Connection by Rep How many dials does it take to create an opportunity?
    Dial to Deal Ratio by Rep How many dials does it take to close deals?
    Calls per Account by Rep Are accounts getting enough touches to close?
    Calls per Lead by Rep Are hot leads getting enough attention?
    Average Call Duration How long are average connected calls?

    Inbound Sales Metrics (Partial List)

    Inbound Calls by Time of Day Which times of day have the highest call volume?
    Time to Respond How long does it take for reps to respond to leads?
    Number of Calls by Channel Which marketing channels are driving the most calls?
    Opportunities by Calls Per Campaign Which calls are driving the most opportunities?
    Close/Won by Calls Per Campaign Which campaigns are driving the most wins?
    Average Call Quality by Campaign Which calls receive the highest call ratings?
    Calls per Campaign/Ad Group/Keyword Which Google AdWords ads are creating the most calls?
    Opportunities by Campaign/Ad Group/Keyword Which Google AdWords ads are creating the most opportunities?
    Wins per Campaign/Ad Group/Keyword Which Google AdWords ads are creating the most wins?

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