ringDNA in the News

2/28/20 – ringDNA’s Sales Acceleration Podcast with Andy Paul was named one of the 5 podcasts that every CMO must subscribe to.
2/27/2020 – ringDNA, the revenue acceleration platform that helps businesses scale growth through AI, announced it has acquired Andy Paul’s hugely popular sales podcast, ‘Accelerate!’. This acquisition will find ringDNA and Andy Paul delivering best practices, stories and sales tips from a vast network of the world’s best and most influential sales leaders.
2/3/2020 – Business Insider covers how ringDNA analyzed 130 Million sales conversations to determine the best time of day to call and email potential clients and win new customers.
12/12/2019 – Based on employee ratings on Comparably, ringDNA was named one of the top-rated places to work in the country.
12/11/2019 – ringDNA’s Founder and CEO Howard Brown was named one of the top CEOs by Comparably and featured in USA Today.
12/10/2019 – ringDNA was named by Forbes as one of the best companies for corporate culture in 2019. Also named is Microsoft, Google, Hubspot, and more.
12/9/2019 – ringDNA CEO Howard Brown joined “The Close” on Bloomberg to discuss the positive impact that artificial has and will have on the labor market.
12/4/2019 – MarTech Series features ringDNA CEO Howard Brown as one of the leaders who is shaping the future of martech.
12/2/2019 – ringDNA CEO Howard Brown recently sat down with Sudipto Ghosh to discuss ringDNA, the technology that makes it possible, and the future of sales platforms.
11/22/2019 – Stuart Varney of Varney & Co. features ringDNA’s Founder and CEO Howard Brown to discuss how ringDNA provides business leaders with information on sales statistics, phone calls, and conversations to improve sales performance.
1/24/2020 – ringDNA CEO Howard Brown joins Fox Business News to discuss why the fears of artificial intelligence are overblown and how it is actually helping us as humans.
1/23/2020 – DestinationCRM, of CRM Magazine, covers ringDNA’s 2020 sales prospecting performance report, which features an analysis of over 130 million sales calls to benchmark your sales team’s performance.