• Rich Uncles converts more leads with ringDNA

    Rich Uncles is a real estate investment trust that makes direct real estate investment easy and affordable. With ringDNA, they have streamlined their sales process, gained 100% CRM accuracy with ringDNA’s complete Salesforce integration, and now convert 25% of leads.

  • Fundera drives sales success with ringDNA

    Fundera is the go-to financial resource for everything small business. Since they reached out to ringDNA, they were able to transform their entire sales process. Fundera now has highly efficient and effective sales workflows, automated activity logging, call routing and queues, SMS, advanced reporting, and more that all lead to better customer engagements and more revenue.

  • Cvent boosts sales productivity by 22% with RingDNA

    Cvent, an event management software powerhouse, needed to find a solution to scale and accelerate sales by leveraging Sales Development Reps (SDRs) to prospect and qualify leads for their Direct Sellers (AEs). While they considered many options, RingDNA was the only platform that allowed their sales team to maintain their current workflow and sales processes.

  • Freshbooks Uses RingDNA to Improve Productivity and Connect with More Customers

    FreshBooks, #1 Cloud Accounting Solution Designed for Small Business Owners, offers invoicing software that has helped more than ve million small business customers collect over $14B through its systems. When the company began looking for sales acceleration technology to help improve productivity, call connection rates and Salesforce reporting,

  • iCracked Uses RingDNA to Boost Inbound Sales Productivity by 40%

    As iCracked expands their global market share, reps have received an increasingly high volume of inbound leads. In order to follow up with upwards of 400 inbound leads daily, iCracked reps needed to ensure that no leads were slipping through the cracks while simultaneously capturing all call data in Salesforce.

  • KeepTruckin Uses RingDNA to Revolutionize Business Transportation

    KeepTruckin is on a mission to improve the efficiency and profitability of America’s trucking industry by building great technology products for truck drivers and fleet managers. The KeepTruckin ELD is the easiest to use and most affordable electronic logging system in the market.

  • Wrike uses RingDNA to Double Sales Reach Rates and Measure Success

    Wrike, the leading project management tool and cloud software for high-performance team collaboration, was in the position of needing to scale a sales team quickly to match an exponentially increasing flow of inbound leads. To successfully scale their sales organization, Wrike began investigating sales acceleration technology to improve call connection rates.

  • BitBar Uses RingDNA to Connect With and Convert More Customers

    Bitbar’s inside sales reps need to be able to reach an increasing number of customers wherever they are on Earth and grow revenue month-over-month, while sales management needed to see rep sales activity in Salesforce in order to manage to metrics.

  • Rapid Screenings Center Uses RingDNA to Optimize Call Center ROI

    Rapid Screenings Center (RSC) needed a call center solution that could provide sales managers and marketers with centralized insight into call activities and outcomes in real time. And since patients call RSC with a variety of needs, RSC also needed the ability to route inbound calls to the right reps based on intent.

  • RE/MAX Uses RingDNA to Automate Inbound Sales

    Prior to implementing RingDNA, when home buyers called the phone numbers listed on RE/MAX’s real estate signs, the calls rang the general office and were often sent to voicemail. Agents had to manually enter potential buyer information into Salesforce before sending additional listing information to leads.