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Conversations That Sell, with Nancy Bleeke [Episode 769]
In this episode, Nancy Bleeke joins me to share how to connect with people during a crisis.


Preparing Sellers for the Next Normal, with Anthony Iannarino [Episode 768]
In today’s episode, Anthony Iannarino and I talk about what the Next Normal for sellers will look like and how to prepare for it.


Selling in a Recession, with Chris Grams and Bridget Gleason [Episode 767]
In today’s episode, Chris Grams (head of Marketing at TideLift) joins me along with my great friend Bridget Gleason (head of sales and customer success at Tidelift) to talk about how to sell into a future that is full of uncertainty.

Case Study

How ChowNow scaled sales coaching and achieved faster rep ramp time as their SDR team doubled using ringDNA
THE CHALLENGE Manual Dialing: Initially, ChowNow’s team of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) was hand dialing down their call lists, resulting in inefficiencies across the board. Technology Fragmentation: As growth continued and the SDR team doubled, there was a strong mandate for increased staffing and upleveling of their technology stack to have a unified technology stack […]


One of the Best Salespeople I’ve Ever Known, with Brandon Fluharty [Episode 766]
In this episode, learn Brandon’s selling process, how he moves deals through his pipeline, and the steps he takes to keep improving.


How to Maximize a Customer’s Long-Term Financial Value, with Peter Fader [Episode 765]
In this episode, Peter joins me to explain how you maximize a customer’s long-term value by aligning the development of your products with their needs.


Analytics for Everyone
Analytics for Everyone dives into key performance reports and dashboards for every revenue stakeholder, across every step of the sales process. And the best part is, they all come out of the box with ringDNA!


If You’re Charging Somebody 50 Grand You Better Have Taken Them Out for a Steak Dinner, with Steve Benson [Episode 764]
In today’s episode, Steve stops by to to talk about what fields sales teams need to do, and are doing, to adapt to a radically changed sales environment.


TOPO’s Senior Sales Analyst on How You Should Adjust Your Sales Messaging During COVID-19, with Dan Gottlieb [Episode 763]
Dan shares TOPO’s recommendations for how you should adjust your sales messaging for the COVID-19 era.


The Psychology of Sales in Uncertain Times
In this webinar, sales expert and mental health advocate Richard Harris and ringDNA Founder and CEO Howard Brown (a clinical psychologist and licensed therapist) will discuss how sales reps can find and stay in the giving mindset that will make them successful, as well as how to properly manage the multitude of emotions and stressors they likely have, and will encounter in the coming weeks to months.


Sales Influence, with Victor Antonio [Episode 762]
Does depending on technology more mean we connect with clients less?


Selling with Science: Call Connection Rates in the Covid-19 Era, with Jeff Shelton [Special Episode]
In this episode, Jeff shares exclusive data around call connection rates during this COVID-19 shutdown era.