How to Fast-Track Revenue with a Dedicated Sales Development Team

Imagine a world where potential leads that know little-to-nothing about your offerings are added to your pipeline. In this world, you can achieve substantial growth through the efforts of a few very ambitious sales reps.

Sound good? That’s the power of a great sales development team. Sales development reps (SDRs) can help your company find net new leads and turn them into valuable opportunities for your account executives to close.

No matter how many leads your marketing team is generating, without SDRs, your company could be leaving hot leads on the table. Prospectors have the power to surgically target leads that your marketers can’t. The result is a steady stream of new opportunities for your account executives to close.

Our latest eBook, How to Fast-Track Revenue Growth with a Dedicated Sales Prospecting Team, will show you how to build a successful team of sales prospectors.

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  • Secrets to hiring top prospectors
  • How to gauge prospectors’ success using key metrics and industry benchmarks
  • Prospecting tactics that power revenue growth
  • Tools that can maximize prospecting ROI