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The 2020 Sales Prospecting Performance Report

Nine Must-Track Call Metrics for Inside Sales Success
This eBook focuses on nine crucial metrics that sales managers should track in order to gauge their team’s performance. Each metric is described in detail, revealing why managers should be tracking each metric, as well as how managers can use each KPI to coach their teams to success.

Five Ways Marketers Can Benefit from Call Tracking
Finally marketers have the ability to tell, in real time, not only which calls drive the most calls but also the most valuable calls. This eBook reveals five ways that marketers can use call tracking to make smarter marketing investments.

7 Ways to Drive Revenue with Call Tracking
7 Ways to Drive Revenue with Call Tracking. Businesses all over the globe are finding new ways to use marketing technology to drive revenue. While digital advertisers once saw online engagements as a more cost-effective alternative to more costly call centers, rising search prices and increased mobile adoption are now validating phone metrics as a conversion channel.