ringDNA in the News

Howard Brown, CEO and founder, spoke on behalf of RingDNA. It is a company that is said to power intelligent conversation. Brown has a lot of experience in startups and telephony. While phones are getting smarter, says Brown, our conversations are not.
By transforming the iPad into a revolutionary voice communications device, RingDNA delivers actionable customer insight the moment the iPad rings.
RingDNA gives brands a real-time understanding of who is calling, what they want and how to sell it to them. The app transforms any iPad or iPhone into a mobile contact center.
RingDNA built a “distributed” Salesforce-enabled call center iOS app that includes call tracking, intelligent call routing, CRM integration and click-to-call functionality, all powered by Twilio phone numbers and Twilio Client for iOS.
First Place – Kyle Roche Entry: ringDNA, iPad application for call center managers to monitor incoming calls using Twilio Technologies used: iOS SDK for Force.com, Twilio API