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Sales Enablement Glossary

Decode the terminology, jargon and key terms used by high-performing sales teams.

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What is Relationship Intelligence Data?
The definition of relationship intelligence data refers to intelligence provided to inside salespeople that informs them about the history of their company’s relationship with a prospect or customer.
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What is Revenue Acceleration?
Revenue acceleration is a potent alliance between marketing, sales, and customer success to achieve exponential gains in revenue. It’s practices align a single organization’s marketing, sales, and success teams around a core set of common goals, shared data, and consistent messaging to ensure that the three teams support one another to rapidly grow revenue and […]
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What is Revenue Intelligence?
Revenue intelligence describes the practice of gathering sales and product usage data across leads, prospects, and current customers and analyzing it with an AI to identify trends and metrics that can be used to maximize revenue. The idea of revenue intelligence is relatively new, brought on by the availability of artificial intelligence solutions, as well […]
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What is Revenue Operations (RevOps)?
Revenue Operations (RevOps) is a total alliance between a company’s sales, marketing, and customer success teams with the goal of creating a single unified revenue process. This process fully integrates the marketing funnel, sales process, and customer retention strategy to unify data, goals, and processes to achieve end-to-end accountability, visibility, and drive an exponential increase […]
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What is revenue optimization?
Revenue optimization is the process of combining data from sales, marketing, customer success, and product in order to optimize sales, marketing, pricing, and customer success strategies and tactics. Rather than each department individually collecting data on and informing itself, revenue operations breaks down the silos and enables cross-departmental data sharing. With this new data, teams […]
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What is Sales Acceleration Technology?
Sales acceleration technology is a category of cloud-based software that’s designed to help reps sell both faster and more intelligently. Sales acceleration helps increase the velocity of sales by helping reps identify hot prospects, connect with them more successfully and increase productivity during the selling process.
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What is a sales cadence?
A sales cadence, also referred to as a sales sequence, is a scheduled series of sales activities that follow a pre-determined order and agenda. Cadences are typically oriented towards sales prospecting, and include a number of different activities, such as phone calls, text messages, emails, social media messages, voicemails, and even direct mail. These activities […]
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What is Sales Coaching?
Sales coaching is a sales training and performance improvement method that utilizes a sales leader who acts as a coach. The coach helps sales reps develop their sales skills, improve selling methodologies, and achieve both personal and career growth. Sales coaching differs from typical sales training as it focuses on individual improvement from both a […]
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What are Sales Coaching Programs?
Sales coaching programs are usually available through online learning and phone meetings. The main reasons for implementing these programs are to enhance teamwork, boost confidence of the sales agents, motivate more experienced sales agents to mentor newer agents, and build a constant workflow on the sales floor. It is important for the training material to […]
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What are Sales Conversations?
A sales conversation is a term that is not commonly defined in inside sales. In a sales organization it usually refers to a call conversation between two or more people. A general rule as far as determining the effectiveness of a sales conversation in Salesforce, from a reporting perspective, is to identify a phone call […]
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What are Sales Dashboards?
The definition of a sales dashboard is an easy-to-read graphical representation of sales data that’s intended to enable sales managers to make better decisions.
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What are Sales Development Reps (SDRs)?
The definition of a sales development rep (SDR) is a type of inside sales rep that solely focuses on outbound prospecting. Unlike quota-carrying salespeople, sales development reps don’t focus on closing business. Rather, SDRs they focus on moving leads through the pipeline.
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