This inside sales glossary is intended to help you navigate through the terminology and jargon associated with inside sales, call centers and communications. Some of the terms relate directly to inside sales processes, while other terms relate more to sales acceleration and communications technology that inside sales teams are investing in to maximize productivity and revenue.

  • What is Territory Management?

    The definition of territory management describes a process that helps inside sales reps by defining geographical sales territories based on market factors and customer intelligence data.

  • What is Timezone Detection?

    When dealing with prospects and customers around the globe, it is important to know the lead’s local timezone to call at the appropriate time. Even though Salesforce does not currently have a feature to automatically […]

  • What is Voice Marketing Automation?

    The definition of voice marketing automation describes a process that is designed to optimize sales revenue by automating workflow based around call analytics. Voice marketing automation is related to traditional marketing automation.

  • What is Voicemail Drop?

    The definition of Voicemail Drop (also known as voicemail automation) is a type of inside sales technology that is designed to accelerate the process of leaving voicemail messages. The moment a call goes to voicemail, a Voicemail Drop system enables reps to select a message from a library of prerecorded voicemail messages and then “drop” that voicemail with a single click and then jump to the next call.

  • What is VoIP?

    The definition of voice over IP (VoIP) refers to a system that enables voice transmissions to be carried over any IP network. The IP systems might include the internet as well as private data networks or office LANs.

  • What is warm calling?

    Warm calling is an outbound sales strategy where a sales rep calls leads who have had prior contact or engagement with them it or their company. This is in opposition to a cold call, where […]

  • What is revenue intelligence?

    Revenue intelligence describes the practice of gathering sales and product usage data across leads, prospects, and current customers and analyzing it with an AI to identify trends and metrics that can be used to maximize […]