Sales Operations Superpowers

  • While sales ops may once have been a tactical position, sales operations has evolved into one of the most exciting and important roles in sales today. In fact, some of the world’s most successful companies view sales operations leaders as the superheroes of their sales organizations. Why? Because sales ops routinely spearhead sweeping changes by:

    • Evaluating transformative sales tools
    • Structuring compensation plans to drive powerful results
    • Making CRM work more effectively
    • Helping sales managers improve sales effectiveness
  • For our latest eBook, we spoke to sales operations leaders at a variety of fast-growing companies. The result is a comprehensive sales operations plan that your team can use to supercharge your sales efforts.


    • Build a sales technology stack and implement it successfully
    • Automate the right sales tasks (and not the wrong ones!)
    • Hire a winning sales operations team
    • Exponentially increase sales productivity at your company

    Whether you have a sales operations team in place or are looking to implement one, Sales Operations Superpowers is your one-stop resource for maximizing sales ROI.