• The 2020 Sales Prospecting Performance Report

    Do you ever find yourself wondering how to structure your day as a salesperson? Do you wonder if you are making calls or sending emails at the right time? Do you wish you knew exactly how many emails are optimal, or how many outbound calls would help you meet your goals? The 2020 Sales Prospecting Performance Report is our answer to all of these questions and more.

  • Ramp To Revenue: The Sales Onboarding Success Plan

    Research shows that the average tenure of a new sales development rep is 14 months, yet it takes 3 months to ramp them to full quota. This serious business challenge can be avoided with smarter training and processes designed to help new salespeople become more comfortable in their roles sooner, with tighter pitches, question strategies, and objection handling mastered within the first 6 weeks.

  • Every Word Counts: Words To Avoid in Sales Voicemails

    In order to capitalize on every single dial, reps should leave a message whenever a call isn’t answered. But they can’t just leave any message. Every word they leave has an impact on whether or not they receive a call back, which means there are some things that just shouldn’t be said.

  • Prospecting Failures: Why You’re Not Building Pipeline

    Prospecting and cold calling as business practices are always evolving. As a result, many organizations fall behind and make critical mistakes in their processes. These mistakes can manifest in hiring practices, team structure, or strategies, setting one of the primary drivers of business behind.

  • Cold Calling Tips & Tricks For Tough Gatekeepers

    One of the most common challenges for salespeople is navigating past the gatekeeper who stands in the way of a decisionmaker. In this whitepaper, we lay out the best strategies and some helpful tips for you to get past the gatekeepers and potentially develop a useful ally along the way.

  • Start a Successful Sales Coaching Plan Tomorrow

    Sales coaching is the solution to your sales performance management woes. It boosts your overall team performance, encourages collaboration, aligns your reps’ goals with your organization’s, and drives sales effectiveness. Our sales coaching ebook details sales coaching’s essential elements, and gives you a simple plan to launch your sales coaching plan tomorrow.

  • The Complete Guide to Inside Sales Analytics

    The 2018 Complete Guide to Inside Sales Analytics reveals more than 75 powerful metrics and formulas that top sales leaders are currently using to radically accelerate sales opportunities, revenue and retention, and everything you need to know to start tracking these vital metrics right away.

  • Sales Operations Superpowers

    For our latest eBook, we spoke to sales operations superheroes at some of the world’s fastest-growing and most successful companies. The result: a comprehensive sales operations plan that your team can use to supercharge your sales efforts. Whether you have a sales ops team in place or are looking to onboard one, this highly actionable eBook is a must-read.

  • How to Create a Culture of Sales Enablement

    High-performing sales teams succeed by creating a company-wide culture of sales enablement. But how do top companies do it? To find out, we collaborated with KnowledgeTree and Phreesia to create the ultimate primer on sales enablement.

  • 31 Expert Sales Hiring and Coaching Tips

    This eBook is packed with 30+ expert tips hiring, onboarding and coaching a sales team that WINS. The tips come from a cross section of some of the world’s most inspiring entrepreneurs, sales authors and coaches. With the right approach, you can build a sales team that wildly exceeds your expectations.

  • 21 B2B Sales Personalization Tips That Will Triple Engagement Rates

    How can you ensure that sales calls and emails are highly personalized while still touching enough prospects to hit quota? To find out, we surveyed some of the world’s top sales communications experts. The result: 21 incredibly actionable tips your sales team can start using right away to dramatically lift sales ROI.

  • The ROI of Sales Acceleration Software: A Buyer’s Guide

    In today’s hyper-competitive sales landscape, investing in sales acceleration tools has become a necessary means of survival. But which tools will be best for your company’s bottom line? By reading this actionable (and highly scannable!) guide, you’ll become a sales technology expert in less than ten minutes.

  • How to Build a Powerful Sales Compensation Plan

    A better sales compensation plan could be the secret sauce to boosting sales performance at your company. Packed with industry best practices and insider tips, this actionable eBook will provide you with everything you need to know in order to structure and implement compensation plans that drive powerful results.

  • What’s Keeping Sales Leaders Up at Night?

    For our latest eBook we asked sales leaders which emerging trends are threatening sales success. Our eBook not only addresses these challenges, but also offers actionable tips to help you succeed where your peers are failing.

  • The 90 Day Inside Sales Success Plan

    For our latest eBook, we asked 20 of the world’s top sales trainers, executives and thought leaders to reveal how sales managers can make transformative changes within just 90 days.

  • 20 Great Salesforce Guides for Sales and Marketing

    Looking to get the most out of Salesforce? Our best and brightest have curated a list of 20 Salesforce guides that will help any sales or marketing team successfully implement and optimize Salesforce to deliver maximum ROI.

  • The Marketer’s Definitive Guide to Salesforce

    Want to align your sales and marketing efforts into a fearsome revenue machine? Our latest ebook reveals powerful sales and marketing alignment tips that can help you maximize your Salesforce investment.

  • Sales prospector (SDR) ebook

    How to Fast-Track Revenue with a Dedicated Sales Development Team

    Sales development reps (SDRs) can help your company find net new leads and turn them into valuable opportunities for your account executives to close. With this guide you can quickly learn how to hire, coach and support sales prospectors in order to maximize pipeline growth.

  • 20 Top Sales Leaders Reveal Their Biggest Productivity Secrets

    For our new free eBook, we asked 20 top sales experts to share their latest and greatest productivity secrets. Inside, bestselling authors, lead generation experts and CEOs reveal what it takes to crush quota and transform startups into billion-dollar enterprises.

  • Nine Must-Track Call Metrics for Inside Sales Success

    This eBook focuses on nine crucial metrics that sales managers should track in order to gauge their team’s performance. Each metric is described in detail, revealing why managers should be tracking each metric, as well as how managers can use each KPI to coach their teams to success.

  • Nucleus Research Reveals How RingDNA Accelerates Performance

    Read this independent case study from Nucleus Research to learn how RingDNA, increases CRM data capture by 25%, reduces the amount of time it takes reps to research prospects before calls, and significantly increases visibility into which marketing efforts drive the best returns.

  • Five Ways Marketers Can Benefit from Call Tracking

    Finally marketers have the ability to tell, in real time, not only which calls drive the most calls but also the most valuable calls. This eBook reveals five ways that marketers can use call tracking to make smarter marketing investments.

  • 7 Ways to Drive Revenue with Call Tracking

    7 Ways to Drive Revenue with Call Tracking. Businesses all over the globe are finding new ways to use marketing technology to drive revenue. While digital advertisers once saw online engagements as a more cost-effective alternative to more costly call centers, rising search prices and increased mobile adoption are now validating phone metrics as a conversion channel.