• Overall, RingDNA was our best sales productivity investment this year.

  • Scott Clugston
    Scott Clugston
    Director of Sales


    • Improve immediately by getting reps up and running on a new system ASAP
    • Improve the number and quality of sales conversations each day
    • Create a culture of transparency by giving managers real-time insight into reps’ activities and their outcomes


    • RingDNA Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce
    • RingDNA Local Presence
    • RingDNA Call Metrics for Salesforce


    • Instant rep onboarding, with no custom Salesforce implementation required
    • Sales reps went from making 30-40 outbound calls per day to 90-100 calls per day
    • Call pickup rates went from 11% to 21%

    FreshBooks is the #1 cloud-based accounting software designed exclusively for service-based small business owners. The company has helped more than 10 million users process billions of dollars through its easy-to-use invoicing, expense management and time tracking features.

    Recognized in 2014 with six Stevie awards for best customer service in the world, the company’s mantra is to “execute extraordinary experiences everyday.” Based in Toronto, Canada, FreshBooks serves paying customers in 120 countries.

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FreshBooks, #1 Cloud Accounting Solution Designed for Small Business Owners, offers invoicing software that has helped more than five million small business customers collect over $14B through its systems. When the company began looking for sales acceleration technology to help improve productivity, call connection rates and Salesforce reporting, FreshBooks decided to run side-by-side pilots to compare RingDNA and InsideSales.com.

RingDNA offered substantial advantages over insidesales.com including a far faster onboarding time, easy implementation and better Salesforce integration.

Six months after choosing RingDNA, the company found that RingDNA delivered substantial gains in both productivity and call pickup rates. The company also expanded its use of RingDNA Local Presence to the UK and Australia.

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