New Feature: Click to Dial Directly from Gmail with RingDNA

Great news! One of our most requested features is finally here – RingDNA customers can now dial any contact directly from Gmail! Simply clicking on any phone number in Gmail will launch our Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce (a Google Chrome app).

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Now you can click to call leads directly from Gmail

This innovation comes as an increasing number of businesses use Gmail as their primary email client. Thanks to apps like SalesforceIQ that connect Gmail to Salesforce, more reps are engaging with prospective and current customers directly from Gmail.

Don’t worry – your reps can still use RingDNA click to dial from Salesforce, automatically log emails, create leads and much more!

But now when prospects and customers respond to your email messages and include their phone numbers in their email signature, they can initiate a phone conversation with one click. If the phone number is already stored in Salesforce, they’ll immediately see a complete record with a contextual history of calls, emails and other activities. This saves a lot of time when prospecting, following up with opportunities or even reaching out to ensure that current customers are successful. And if your reps are engaging prospects in Gmail that don’t yet have a corresponding Salesforce record, they can create one through the dialer during the call itself. In either case, the call will be logged and recorded and show up in your sales performance analytics.

Ready to click to call prospects directly from GMail? Try out our Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce for free

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