5 Ways That Call Recording Benefits Sales and Marketing Teams

While dashboards can give sales and marketing managers a great deal of insight into how reps are performing, sometimes there’s just no substitute for actually listening to phone call recordings. When used with specific objectives in mind, reps can gain deep insight into sales and marketing efforts without violating  prospects’ trust, which is why we chose to build call recording into RingDNA and have links to those recordings available in Salesforce.com.

Here are 5 ways that recording calls can improve both sales and marketing performance (learn more about best practices and the legality of call recording).

Improve Sales Training

multimedia device button set with STOP button activatedBy listening to a random selection of calls by each rep, sales managers can get granular insight into each rep’s performance. Are reps overcoming objections? Are they hitting key talking points? A call recording can help managers identify every rep’s strengths and weaknesses.  Managers can therefore do a better job of providing each rep with personalized training. With the right training, each rep can reach their maximum potential and do a better job of meeting sales goals.

Improve Sales Strategy

By listening to calls, sales managers can continuously optimize sales strategies based on real-life scenarios. Recordings enable managers to hone in on crucial strategic questions such as:

  • What common questions are prospects asking?
  • Which objections are continuously being raised?
  • How are reps successfully overcoming obstacles?

Improve Marketing Messages

Marketers often create content based on which messages they think will resonate with leads, without ever hearing an actual sales call. But by actually listening to call recordings, marketers can identify real-world pain points and sales objections. Marketing can then craft collateral that can help reps overcome those objections.

Give Marketing Deep Insight into Lead Quality

Is your Marketing department handing off “qualified leads” to Sales that are far from sales-ready? If so, it could mean that leads require more incubation from marketing prior to hand-off. Playing recordings of calls can help marketers gain insight into lead quality. If necessary, marketers can redefine their qualifying metrics to provide Sales with more qualified leads.

Audit Audio Quality

Your sales reps can deliver the best messages in the world, but it doesn’t matter if leads can’t properly understand them. I won’t name any names here, but there have been times when I’ve called a company and the audio quality of the call was so poor that it sounded as though I was talking to a soldier in a remote base in Afghanistan. Recording calls enables you to spot-check the audio quality of calls to make sure they are up to your company’s standards.

 Call Recording Best Practices

Call recording is generally legal on a federal level, but there are specific variances on the rules from state to state. Federal law allows call recording as long as one party to the conversation gives consent. This would mean that as long as your sales reps are aware their conversations are being recorded, it would not be required by law to make prospects or customers aware that calls are being recorded.

As a best practice, we recommend that if you make all parties aware when recording phone calls. First of all, there are currently twelve states that have issued two-party consent laws, in which all parties to a conversation must be made aware that the conversation is being recorded.

The FCC identifies the following three ways as accepted forms of notifying parties that the call is being recorded:

  • Prior written or verbal consent of all parties
  • A verbal notification before the recording is made
  • An audible beep repeated at regular intervals during a call

Of these, the most common—and recommended—practice is to simply verbally notify customers that the call is being recorded for quality assurance. Customers can then make up their mind whether or not to continue with the conversation. After all, reps should always endeavor to build client relationships built on mutual trust.


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Jesse Davis

Jesse Davis is a sales and marketing strategist and Sr. Content Marketing Manager at RingDNA. Over the past decade, Davis has honed his business communications skills working as an inside sales manager, business writer and agency marketer. He is a proponent of utilizing platform technology and evidence-based methodologies to optimize creative campaigns, marketing ROI and sales performance.

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