5 Key Takeaways from the TaskUs CX Los Angeles Briefing.

1 min readDecember 19, 2019

ringDNA Founder and CEO Howard Brown recently spoke at the TaskUs CX Briefing in Los Angeles. At the event, leaders from Disney+, GoDaddy, TheBlackTux, and many others discussed the future of the customer experience and how it can be improved within each and every organization.

Key takeaways include:

  • Don’t automate everything, because people still want to talk to people. There are moments like billing issues, support problems, and technical questions where a live person will provide a far better experience than a bot.
  • CX leaders are experimenting with video chat.
  • Do not fear AI. When used properly it actually helps us be more human and can improve the customer experience.
    Chatbots simply do not have the capability to deliver real, valuable, personlized customer experiences, and our usage of them may decrease.
  • Everyone in your organization, from the C-level down should be asking, “what are the agents saying?” Your front-line reps are a goldmine of data that can inform and empower the entire company.

See more about the event and what else was discussed, here.


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