• ringdna sequence build

  • Build Sequences Directly in Salesforce

    If all of your data is in Salesforce, shouldn’t your sequences be there too? ringDNA Sequences are built in Salesforce, eliminating the need for your data to be transferred elsewhere. Reps can instantly see all contacts who need to be reached within a single screen.

  • Single Sales Interface

    Reps can manage all outreach and related tasks from a single location, making them faster and more efficient. All Sequencing, calls, messages, contextual data, and other tasks are placed from and managed directly within the ringDNA intelligentDialer.

  • ringdna sequence today

  • ringdna sequence report

  • Know how sequences affect your bottom line

    Instantly understand the success of your sequences. Know the efficiency of your playbook and gain the ability to make adjustments to increase your team’s sales effectiveness.

  • Enforce Sales Standards

    Ensure your sales standards are part of your reps’ daily plan. Standardized sales practices to gain predictability and standardization for reporting, as well as testing and optimization. With Sequence, managers can define and schedule touchpoints that are automatically presented to reps to follow.

  • ringdna sequence standards

  • Successful Sales Come from Multi-Touch

    Sales managers can define all actions and timings to generate maximum sales impact. Create time-based contact schedules that are automatically defined for each lead. Contact owners are notified when they must perform a specific action. Ensure that reps properly follow-up with each lead with the proper steps at the right time and track outreach against sales standards to ensure performance. 

  • ringdna sequence actions


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ringDNA Sequences allows sales managers to enforce sales standards with defined outreach touchpoints.