• ringDNA Sequence The Perfect Touchpoint for Every Contact, Every Time

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  • Remove Guesswork from the Sales Equation

    With a single prioritized view of each day’s sales activities, reps begin every day knowing exactly who to contact and how based on your pre-set sales playbook. Sequence makes salespeople faster and more efficient.

  • Win with Repeatable Sales Cycles

    Your sales reps don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Sales managers can define all actions and timings based on proven revenue generating strategies. Track engagement against sales standards to maximize performance.

  • Navigate from your sales cockpit

    Take every action from a single pane of glass.

  • Build Sequences Directly in Salesforce

    ringDNA Sequences are built in Salesforce, where your team already works so you don’t need another browser tab. With ringDNA Sequence, Salesforce remains your single source of truth. Less tabs means more sales productivity.

  • Measure how Sequences Affect Your Sales Pipeline

    Instantly understand the success of your sequences. Know the efficiency of your playbook and gain the ability to make adjustments to increase your team’s sales effectiveness.

  • Enforce Sales Best Practices

    Ensure your sales standards are part of your team’s daily plan. A sales cadence will standardize sales practices to gain predictability for reporting, as well as testing and optimization. With Sequence, managers can define and schedule touchpoints that are automatically presented for reps to follow.