What is a Call Disposition, and How Can Measuring it Increase Sales ROI?

What is Call Disposition?

“Call disposition” is a term to describe the outcome of a call. For years, customer service teams have been logging call dispositions, and now sales teams are doing the same. By tracking call outcomes, sales managers gain valuable intelligence to optimize their teams’ sales process.

Best of all, properly implemented call dispositions are huge time-savers, acting as one-click shorthand for call outcomes, saving reps from lots of manual note-taking. Imagine you’re an inside sales rep in the midst of an outbound call campaign. Did you reach the intended target? Does it now require follow-up? Was a call busy? Was it the wrong number? In each case, the inside sales rep could quickly document the call outcome and move on to the next call.

As a best practice, each call disposition should be stored in CRM under the call’s record. Dispositions can then be pulled into custom dashboards or reports. This way, trends in call outcomes can be tracked in real-time while informing sales and marketing strategy.

Why Is Call Disposition Data Important?

By tracking different disposition metrics, sales managers can gain insight into ways to improve their teams’ sales process. A disproportionately high number of call outcomes can alert sales managers of systemic opportunities or problems.

One of the best things about call dispositions is that they can be completely customized depending on which outcome metrics are important to your business. As an example, here are some sample call dispositions and what can be gleaned by tracking them.

Appointment Set – If a high number of calls in a specific campaign lead to appointments, then it likely means that the campaign is doing a good job of generating high-quality leads.

Demo booked– For SaaS companies, tracking demos is a really important metric that gives insight into how well sales development reps (SDRs) are doing their job. If reps aren’t booking enough demos, it could be time for management to intervene and coach reps on ways to initiate demos. However, if there aren’t a lot of demos being booked then it could indicate that lead quality is down.

Disconnection/No longer in service/Busy  – If a large number of leads end in busy signals or disconnection messages, then it might be time to analyze the lead source and move in another direction. If Marketing is providing Sales with a high number of disconnected numbers, then it could mean that there’s a problem with the lead source.

Left Voicemail – If too many calls are going to voicemail recordings, it could be time to do an audit to remove specific leads from follow-up lists that always go to voicemail.

Left Live Voicemail – Are your reps having trouble getting past gatekeepers? If too many calls are ending with receptionists instead of key decision makers, then it could be time to coach your team on ways to get past the gatekeeper.

Need to Nurture – Sometimes leads just aren’t ready to have a serious sales conversation. This disposition can be used to pull a list of leads that need further nurturing from marketers. This disposition could even be used as a driver to affect lead scoring.

Rejected– Are a high volume of calls getting rejected? It could be time to try local presence

The Power of One-Click Call Dispositions

Sales managers tend to love call dispositions since it means their reps won’t have to waste time entering  frivolous notes after each call. But reps are historically less enthusiastic about having to enter data into an additional CRM field. Tools like integrated dialers streamline this processes, creating an easier way to log data after the call.

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