How to A/B Test Phone Numbers On Web Landing Pages

The goal of any paid search landing page is to inspire a quick action from potential customers. A/B testing can help marketers determine which landing pages offer the best returns. And while sites like Which Test Won and Marketing Sherpa offer a wealth of resources about optimizing landing pages for online conversions, in many industries, phone conversions are far more valuable. American businesses are spending tens of billions of dollars each year to drive calls to their call centers, and are expanding inside sales teams with aplomb. And yet, businesses rarely spend the necessary attention assuring that landing pages can drive successful sales calls.

A/B Landing Page Testing With Phone Numbers

A/B Landing Page Testing With Phone Numbers

Here are three tips to help marketers optimize landing pages to generate quality phone leads.

Test Phone Number Placement

A well-placed phone number will not only bolster offline conversions, but it can also boost online conversions. According to Unbounce’s 101 Landing Page Optimization Tips, “By having a phone number present, it tells people you are legitimate and that there are real people at the end of the line.”

So where’s the best place to include a phone number? Very often, the best placement is in the top right-hand corner, or directly above a web form. This is especially true if your objective is to drive more calls to your inside sales team. Those two positions are great for your initial A/B test. In subsequent tests, you can experiment with font size and color. 

If the goal is simply to bolster online conversions, place the phone number in the top right-hand corner for your control group, and test how moving or removing your phone number affects  conversions.

Test Using Local Numbers with Local Ads

It makes sense for businesses to use a toll-free phone number on landing pages if they are looking to seem established. In fact, certain brands like 1-800-Flowers have built empires out of easy-to-remember toll free numbers.

However, many customers search for local solutions. Imagine that you operate a real-estate firm with offices all over the state of California. If a lead reaches your landing page from searching for the term “San Francisco real estate,” displaying a local 415 number could help reinforce your firm’s San Francisco presence. It could therefore lead to more calls.

So how can you test this? By using Dynamic Number Insertion. For example, RingDNA’s call tracking systems for search marketers allow businesses to dynamically serve up a local number depending on geo-targeting variables in AdWords. You could therefore  provision a unique Google AdWords ad that is only shown on queries originating in the San Francisco area. Every time a customer clicks though to the ad, RingDNA will dynamically serve up a 415 number, while all other customers see your toll-free number. You could likewise provision local numbers for any other city, such as Los Angeles, San Diego and New York.

Get Nuanced in Your Call Conversion Tracking

Most B2B conversion tracking ends with lead forms. But we believe that every inbound call is a conversion. After all, when a lead fills out an online form, does it really show more demand for a product than if she calls a sales rep? Our call tracking tool lets you take conversion tracking to the next level, delivering far more visibility than if you stuck to tracking web forms. The common parlance  is that online conversions are more valuable than offline conversions because it enables marketers to capture a lead’s information for follow-up and lead nurture. But at the end of the day, it only matters which keywords drive the best ROI, online or offline. RingDNA lets you get granular with conversion tracking.  You’ll not only see which keywords are driving calls from your landing pages, but also which of those calls create opportunities and revenue. Tracking calls in Salesforce next to online conversions gives you a more complete view of which paid search keywords are worth investing in.


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