RingDNA Retro Phone Mania at Dreamforce

We were blown away by the demand for our RingDNA Retro Phones today at Dreamforce, distributing the first 1,000 in a little under two hours. The phones have already been spotted in Twitter photos, and thanks to all of you who have already downloaded RingDNA Free for Salesforce in the Apple Store. You don’t need our retro phones to use them, but you look very cool when you do.

If you’d like to come get a demo from RingDNA (or get a Retro Phone), we’re in the Twilio booth in the dev zone (Moscone West) all week at Dreamforce 2012. We’re thrilled by the feedback we’re getting so far, and we’d love to meet you.

Howard Brown using a RingDNA Retro Receiver at Dreamforce

RingDNA at Dreamforce


RingDNA at Dreamforce

RingDNA at Dreamforce



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