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ringDNA Founder & CEO Howard Brown on BNN Bloomberg Video

1 min readApril 16, 2019

Our Founder & CEO Howard Brown appeared on BNN Bloomberg to discuss AI in sales, the powerful sales data trapped inside of everyone’s sales calls, and his experience working with amazing investors like Goldman Sachs and Bryant Stibel.

Howard covers how ringDNA began as a platform that increases the effectiveness of sales reps, and added artificial intelligence to decode the conversations that occur through the platform. They also discuss the data that can be gleaned from calls, and how sales teams can use it to unlock massive success.

Also covered is how AI has and will continue to impact sales by actually allowing us to be more human.

You can view the full segment here:

Key points include:

0:00 – How ringDNA got into AI via sales performance optimization

0:44 How ringDNA is improving the sales conversation experience for everyone involved

2:15 What kind of ROI have customers seen after implementing ringDNA

4:50 What it is like to work with investors like Goldman Sachs and Bryant Stibel