RingDNA Architect Kyle Roche Featured on Developerforce

RingDNA's Kyle Roche wins Dreamforce Hackathon '11On the heels of winning first place in the Dreamforce Hackathon ’11, RingDNA Chief Architect Kyle Roche was featured as a guest contributor to the Developerforce blog. The blog covers topics related to development using the Force.com platform.

Kyle Roche won the Hackathon after presenting a RingDNA iPad app that simulates a call center complete with advanced caller ID.

In his post, Kyle Roche discusses his experience using the Force.com toolkit for iOS, describes how he used Twilio to power the RingDNA iPad app and gives an account of the Hackathon. He also discusses his upcoming book on iOS Augmented Reality programming.

This week, Kyle will be presenting RingDNA at the Twilio Conference in San Francisco.

We are excited about all the awesome new features that Kyle Roche and his team are working on for RingDNA.

RingDNA's Kyle Roche at Salesforce.com's Dreamforce 2011













To read Kyle Roche’s blog post on Developerfoce click here

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