YODA AI by ringDNA

Always-there real-time coaching alerts to keep your reps on track.

Is your rep dominating a call?
Are they caught off guard by a competitor mention?
Did they forget to ask a crucial question?

Trusted by the World’s Best Sales Teams

With Real-Time Conversation Guidance:

Slash Rep Ramp Time

Help new reps sell like experts with the right messaging about objections, competitors and more at the right time.

Deliver Great Customer Experiences

YODA AI knows exactly when and how to help reps improve customer satisfaction.

Ensure Global Compliance

YODA AI can learn exactly what compliance means to your business and reminds reps when they’re not meeting standards.

Scale Sales Expertise Across Every Call

YODA AI empowers reps to have a coach on every call. ringDNA patented technology can identify pivotal moments during sales, support and customer success calls, and then provide reps with your revenue-critical advice at the exact moment they need it.

Stop Wasting Money on Training

Companies often spend a fortune on sales training, but 84% of training is lost after the first 90 days. YODA AI transforms sales training into real-time guidance by delivering intelligent talking points, sharable content, call scripts and competitor intelligence that helps even new and underperforming reps sell like seasoned experts.

“ringDNA is a massive time saver.”
Ashley MargrafSales Manager, Fundera
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“ringDNA was our best sales productivity investment this year.”
Scott ClugstonDirector of Sales, Freshbooks
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Automatically Ensure Compliance with Global Regulations

There are enormous costs associated with failing to comply with important global regulations. YODA AI knows when reps have failed to mention key phrases during critical time windows, helping to ensure reps stay in compliance and alerting you when they fail to do so.

Enhance Your Reps’ Workflow with Real-Time Guidance

YODA AI seamlessly plugs into the entire ringDNA platform, enabling you to implement AI-powered insights at scale while fitting perfectly into your reps’ workflow.

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