ringDNA + Zoom Integration

Simplify Your Meeting Workflow

Your entire sales process in one place

No more swapping back and forth between apps, tabs, and windows. ringDNA allows you to schedule your Zoom meetings in the same tool you use to connect with customers.

Easily Track and Log Your Zoom meetings in Salesforce

Zoom is already the conference platform of choice for sales teams, therefore it should be directly integrated with your dialer, calendar, and CRM for streamlined workflows and effortless documentation. Schedule and manage your Zoom meetings just as easily as you would place a call within the ringDNA IntelligentDialer.

Complete Sales Data

Salesforce records are always complete and accurate with automated activity tracking and record keeping. Gain full visibility into your sales cycle, regardless of when or where your conversations take place. Ensure you have complete and accurate reporting to optimize sales performance.

Auto-Update Salesforce for Complete Context

See complete customer interaction history in Salesforce records without lifting a finger. In addition to every call, text, and email, ringDNA automatically logs every Zoom meeting to each attendee’s lead or contact record for complete context with no extra effort.

See the ringDNA + Zoom Integration in Action

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