• RingDNA Dashboards

  • Accelerate Outbound Prospecting

    RingDNA offers dozens of reports and dashboards right out of the box. Know how many calls your reps are making each day and how many they need to make in order to drive meetings, opportunities and revenue. And then coach them to success.

  • Minimize Inbound Lead Response Time

    How quickly does your team respond to inbound leads? Which marketing campaigns are driving the most calls? Which are driving the most ROI? RingDNA helps you ensure that your team never leaves sales-ready leads hanging.

  • Inbound Lead Response Time

  • Simply the best inside sales solution for Salesforce. The streamlined visibility into all our call conversion metrics is an incredibly powerful benefit.

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  • Dials to Win

  • Work Opportunities More Efficiently

    Discover how efficient your inside sales team is. Know how many calls it takes to create opportunities and close deals. RingDNA empowers you to help your team drive and work opportunities more efficiently than ever before.

  • Predict Success

    RingDNA’s predictive call analytics offer deep insight into how much revenue your sales team is on pace to close. You’ll know when reps are lagging. And you’ll see exactly how to set them back on course to meet and exceed quota.

  • Get true marketing ROI on calls from Google AdWords, Bing, Twitter, LinkedIn, Websites and more

  • Track Inbound Calls

    Marketing never again has to wonder which efforts drive the best calls. RingDNA’s marketing dashboards finally reveal which marketing investments are driving the most revenue by phone. Get true marketing ROI on calls from Google AdWords, Bing, Twitter, LinkedIn, Websites and more.

Available Reports


    Report Description
    Opportunities from Inbound Calls See which opportunities are the result of marketing-generated inbound calls.
    Closed Won from Inbound Calls Gain a 360-degree view of inbound sales ROI.
    Opportunities by Lead Response Time Know how fast reps need to follow up with leads in order to create opportunities.
    Inbound Calls by Campaign Know which campaigns are driving the most inbound calls.
    Time to Respond by Campaign Ensure that reps are responding to leads across your campaigns.
    Time to Respond by Rep See which reps are responding to leads fastest.
    Time to Respond to Inbound Leads View how long it takes reps to respond to inbound leads.
    Conversion Rate by Response Time Know the effect that response time has on conversions.


    Report Description
    Answer Rate for Local Presence Identify how call connection rates improve when reps dial using local area codes.
    Number of Calls by Rep View how many calls reps are making and taking each day.
    Outbound Calls by Time of Day See which times of day your reps are most productive.
    Number of Calls Last 7 Days View your sales team’s efforts over the past week.
    Calls to Connect Ratio Discover how many calls it takes to connect with prospects.
    Calls to Opportunity Ratio See how many calls it takes to source opportunities.
    Calls to Win Ratio Know the average amount of calls it takes to create revenue.
    Voicemail Drop Call Backs Know which pre-recorded voicemail messages are most successful.
    Rep Voicemail Drop Call Backs See whether reps are getting calls back from their voicemails.
    Rep Calls on Opportunities Ensure that reps are calling opportunities enough times to move deals forward.
    Rep Outbound Calls by Time of Day Identify patterns in individual reps’ call activities.


    Report Description
    All RingDNA Calls Gain a broad view of your team’s call activities.
    Average Call Duration by Rep Know the average length of time reps are talking to prospects during each call.
    Average Call Rating Discover which campaigns are delivering the highest call quality.
    Call Disposition by Rep View the outcome of calls in real time.
    Call Report by Direction by Rep Gain real-time visibility into how many calls your reps make vs. how many they take.
    Talk Time by Rep See which reps are spending the most time actually talking to prospects.
    Rep Call Duration Measure how much time individual reps spend talking to prospects.
    Calls With & Without RingDNA See how much more successful your reps are when using RingDNA.

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RingDNA’s predictive call analytics populate Salesforce dashboards and reports with real-time actionable sales data. These voice analytics, you can not only predict which marketing efforts will drive the best calls, but also which reps are on pace to reach goals. Some key metrics include inbound calls per campaign, time to respond by rep, calls to opportunity ratio and many more actionable call metrics. These turnkey reports are trusted by some of the world’s leading sales teams.

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