• Scale Sales Team RingDNA
  • Improve Insight into Time Management

    As a sales manager, instantly see when reps are booking their meetings so you can understand how their time is being utilized and improve sales efficiency. All meetings are booked in Salesforce for reporting.

  • Ready for Every Meeting, Every Time

    Efficiently coordinate daily schedules, meetings, calls, conferences, and activities within a single view. Reps can see and manage all calendar events directly within the ringDNA intelligentDialer so they know their daily schedule at a glance.

  • ringdna calendar today

  • No More Missed Calls

    Calls are rerouted during your “busy” calendar times to ensure that your most important calls never go unanswered.

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  • ringdna calendar zoom

  • Video Conference Integration

    Seamlessly integrate with video conference platforms to display event information in the calendar.

  • Seamlessly Sync Attendees to Salesforce

    Complete sales data, all the time. ringDNA automatically detects and syncs all meeting attendees with the related Salesforce contact or lead records.

  • ringdna sync attendees

  • ringdna calendar sync

  • Supported Calendars

    Integrate with all major calendar applications, including Gmail, Outlook, Apple integration, and more.


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ringDNA calendars allow reps to quickly schedule meetings, organize their day, and automatically records crucial attendee information to Salesforce. It also allows managers to understand how rep time is utilized. ringDNA allows users to connect multiple email and calendar providers to the ringDNA intelligentDialer where they can manage meetings.