ringDNA Calendar For Sales Reps

Less Scheduling, More Selling

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Simple Sales Scheduling

With just a few clicks from a link, contacts, prospects, and customers can find time on your calendar. Control your availability with block times and blackout periods. Less email exchanges and phone tag means more time for selling.

Improve Insight into Time Management

As a sales manager, instantly see when reps are booking their meetings so you can understand how their time is being utilized and improve sales efficiency. All meetings are automatically logged in Salesforce for reporting. More time spent selling leads to more revenue.

Ready for Every Meeting, Every Time

Efficiently coordinate daily schedules, meetings, calls, conferences, and activities within a single view. Reps can see and manage all calendar events directly within the ringDNA Intelligent Dialer so they know their daily schedule and can focus on closing.

No More Missed Calls

Calls are rerouted during your “busy” calendar times to ensure that your most important calls never go unanswered. Always ensure your most important contacts can get in touch.

Seamlessly Sync Attendees to Salesforce

ringDNA automatically detects and syncs all meeting attendees with the related Salesforce contact or lead records. Reps save time, and managers get more accurate reporting. Complete sales data, all the time.

Experience True Sales Productivity

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