• Less Admin, More Sales

    Sales reps place calls, send messages, automate activities, and manage administrative work all within the intelligentDialer. Reps get time back to make more calls, have four times more connections, and generate more revenue.

  • Optimized Sales Workflows

    Streamline rep workflows by incorporating all necessary work into a single location. Reps can leave notes, disposition a call, provide feedback to marketing, and schedule follow-up tasks with just a few clicks within the intelligentDialer.

  • Click-to-Call Anywhere

    With ringDNA, reps can click-to-call numbers anywhere within Salesforce or their browser. Easily dial any number.

  • Click to Dial from Gmail

  • RingDNA built for Salesforce
  • Complete Data, Every Time

    ringDNA automates and streamlines data collection, which means your sales data is complete, accurate and up to date. Accurately make sales plans, predictions, forecasts, and track your progress or make adjustments with confidence in your data.


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Featured Customers

RingDNA offers the #1 inbound sales call center software for sales using Salesforce. RingDNA helps lead response reps prioritize inbound leads in order to ensure that no hot leads slip through the cracks. While call routing and IVR help ensure that leads are routed to the right reps and call queues. During calls, RingDNA empowers inbound sales reps to have smarter conversations by providing them with contextually relevant data