• RingDNA was our best sales productivity investment this year.

    • Scott Clugston

    • Scott Clugston
      Director Sales

  • RingDNA + Salesforce

  • The #1 Inbound Sales Solution for Salesforce

    RingDNA is the only inbound sales acceleration suite built 100% for inbound sales teams using Salesforce. Thanks to our turnkey Salesforce integration, all call, email and prospect data effortlessly syncs with Salesforce in real time. RingDNA surfaces it in context when your reps need it most.

  • Leverage Data from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to Win More Deals

    With RingDNA, reps will never again wonder why prospects are calling and what to say to them. RingDNA’s powerful CTI provides reps with contextual data from Salesforce, Pardot and virtually any Salesforce-integrated source to reveal who’s calling, recent content engagement, past conversations and much more.

  • RingDNA Intelligent Dialer Activity Feed

  • Call Routing That’s Brilliant and Simple

    Our intelligent call routing engine empowers you to effortlessly route inbound calls to the most suitable sales rep or queue. Easily route calls based on specific marketing campaigns, keywords, time of day, reps’ product expertise and more.

  • Lead Your Inbound Sales Call Center In Real Time

    RingDNA gives you a bird’s-eye-view of your entire inbound sales team. Monitor live calls and rep availability in real time. View customer hold times, and ensure that calls are being answered, not abandoned. Ensure that your inbound sales call center runs like a finely oiled machine.

  • Monitor Live Calls

  • RingDNA Dashboards

  • Finally Gain the Visibility You Need to Scale Success

    Dozens of enterprise-grade call analytics dashboards give you the insight you need to coach sales reps to success. Know exactly how long it takes reps to follow up with leads, and make sure that the hottest leads are getting contacted first. While call recordings offer the conversation-level visibility you to scale best practices across your sales team.

  • Set Up a Scalable Inbound Call Center in Minutes

    RingDNA’s blended dialer was built to help fast-growing companies scale. Implementing RingDNA takes hours, not days or weeks. Then, onboarding new reps is as simple as installing an app. No matter where your reps are located, RingDNA enables you to listen to real-time calls, call recordings, monitor (or even join) live calls and provide reps with instantly actionable feedback.

  • International RingDNA

  • The best solution for Salesforce customers.

    • Sean Whiteley

    • Sean Whiteley
      Co-Founder, GetFeedback
      a Campaign Monitor Company

      Campaign Monitor

Inbound Sales Acceleration Features

  • Advanced Caller ID Know who is calling and what to sell them
    Automatic Activity Logging Log all call and email data in Salesforce automatically.
    Blended Dialer Take and make sales calls directly from your browser.
    Buyer Intent Data Know which promotions caused leads to call and what they want to buy.
    Call Recordings Automatically record all calls to ensure that reps are staying on message.
    Call Forwarding Forward inbound calls to any device.
    Click to Call Respond quickly with click to call from Gmail or Salesforce
    Content Engagement See which content leads have engaged with.
    CTI for Salesforce Have smarter calls thanks to call & email history, Chatter feeds and more delivered in context during calls.
    Customer Account Data View lead notes and Chatter posts within the context of calls.
    Desktop Notifications Real-time inbound call notifications.
    Enhanced Caller ID Inbound numbers sync with Salesforce to surface a rich data profile of known callers.
    Inbound Call Tracking Gain real-time visibility into which efforts generate the best calls.
    Inbound Lead Handling Quickly add new leads to Salesforce directly from your dialer or edit existing lead records.
    Intelligent Call Routing Automatically route calls to the best available rep based on marketing data.
    Live Call Monitoring Monitor live calls and send reps real-time feedback.
    Predictive Analytics Always know whether reps are on pace to meet their goals.
    Intelligent Sales Scripts Intelligent talking points keep reps on-message when leads call.
    Sales Activity Feed View recent calls, emails, meetings and more before and during calls.

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RingDNA offers the #1 inbound sales call center software for sales using Salesforce. RingDNA helps lead response reps prioritize inbound leads in order to ensure that no hot leads slip through the cracks. While call routing and IVR help ensure that leads are routed to the right reps and call queues. During calls, RingDNA empowers inbound sales reps to have smarter conversations by providing them with contextually relevant data via CTI screen pops.

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