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Rapid Contact Tracing Center Deployment

Onboard New Remote Contact Tracing Agents in Just Minutes

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Easily Set Up a Fully Remote Contact Tracing Center

Health agencies worldwide can rapidly set up a fully remote contact tracing center. Agents can work from anywhere. All they need is a laptop and internet connection to start reaching out to at-risk contacts. And while agents reach out via voice, text and email, all data is logged in a centralized and secure location.

Onboard New Agents in 2 Minutes

In just two minutes, contact tracing agents can begin making intelligent calls, text messages and emails that are informed by intelligent patient data. ringDNA offers ease of use that makes it possible to onboard and scale a contact tracing team at record speeds.

Slash Agent Ramp Time

ringDNA provides a suite of coaching tools that empower managers to ensure agents are doing their jobs successfully in a fraction of the time. Listen to and record calls, track agent metrics across dozens of real-time dashboards, and provide reps with real-time feedback.

Ensure Global Compliance

ringDNA provides global compliance right out of the box. ringDNA captures 100% of remote sales data in Salesforce with built-in tools for GDPR, call recording, and CCPA compliance.

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