ringDNA Contact Tracing Software

A Case Management Solution that Protects Personal Privacy and Data Security

ringDNA allows contact tracing teams to follow regulations and exceed CDC guidelines

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Compliant Multichannel Communications

ringDNA offers a full suite of compliance tools to ensure that calls, texts, and emails follow strict adherence to state- and country-specific regulations.

Calls and SMS messages are designed to follow TCPA compliance standards, and ringDNA is fully compliant with stringent privacy laws including GDPR and CCPA.

Automatically Enforce Confidentiality Guidelines

ringDNA gives administrators the power to limit access to confidential medical records on a need-to-know basis, ensuring sensitive data stays private.

A Certified Platform Subject To Rigorous Testing

ringDNA is SOC II and PCI compliant, and is subject to rigorous, consistent security testing. Additionally, single-sign-on with Salesforce ensures proper identity authentication, and secure data transfer for any sharing between information systems.

Built-In Consent Mechanisms

ringDNA ensures contact tracers follow all patient consent requirements, and provides mechanisms for patients and contacts to opt out as needed.

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