How to Use RingDNA’s iPad App for Outbound Sales Calls

After getting so much feedback on how our customers use our RingDNA Free for Salesforce app, we thought it was time to give back to the community by distilling a few tips of our own into a video. In this featurette, we demonstrate how we’ve used the app to optimize our outbound call process, including ways to follow up after a sales call. In order to help you use the app to its full potential, our new video walks you through the following steps:

  1. How to slash call prep time by 50% or more and have more intelligent sales conversations
  2. How to optimize sales followup tasks, like sending emails, and adding notes and tasks through the app
  3. How RingDNA’s Salesforce Automation features save you time

Watch the video now, and take your outbound calls to the next level!






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