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ringDNA for Account Executives

Account Executives, Empowered

Trusted by the World's Best Sales Teams

Close More Revenue and Optimize Your Daily Workflow

Never Worry About Data Entry Again

Freedom from activity logging means sales calls, texts, emails, and other activities are automatically captured in Salesforce - you can just focus on closing

More Productivity Means More Time With Prospects

ringDNA’s ConversationAI transcribes calls & surfaces critical insights for you

Scale Yourself & Close More

Everything designed to help you reach optimal velocity, whether working with new prospects or current customers

The #1 Account Executive Solution for Salesforce

ringDNA is the only sales engagement platform offering a complete solution for Account Executives using Salesforce. Everything is right at your fingertips, no matter if you are targeting current account upsells or prospecting new business.

Complete Context for Informed Conversations

Any time you begin a conversation with someone, ringDNA provides complete context from Salesforce - see who else has talked to your customers and prospects and pick up where they left off.

Automate Your Prospecting

Build sales cadences for every vertical and prospect type. Enter leads or contacts to a pre-planned schedule of calls, texts, and emails with the click of a button.

Integrations With Your Favorite Apps

ringDNA integrates seamlessly with your current toolkit, including your email, calendar, Zoom web conferencing, and Salesforce. Schedule meetings, launch demos, and log your activities from a single, easy to use interface.

Streamline Your Daily Workflow

Every step of your process, optimized for maximum efficiency. Click to call from any number in your browser - simplify your notetaking with built-in note templates, and drop pre-recorded voicemails with a simple click.

Be More Productive

ringDNA empowers every member of the sales team to be exponentially more productive and enjoy a vastly improved sales experience.

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The Account Executive’s Favorite ringDNA Products

Intelligent Dialer

Make your calls, send text messages, and log call notes from one place, informed by complete prospect history. Click-to-dial from any number in Salesforce, Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. All data is automatically captured in Salesforce.

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ConversationAI transcribes sales calls and transforms them into usable data. Take less notes, and improve your skills with pre-built dashboards that instantly reveal listening patterns, overtalk ratios, language diversity and other trends.

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Guided Selling

Automatically prescribe a series of emails, texts, and phone calls to any inbound website lead source, eliminating the need to draft new emails and automating your sales process.

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