Webinar: The Evolution of Prospecting

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    Overcome Common Prospecting Challenges

    As essential as prospecting is, many organizations fail to successfully execute it. Many organization make fatal errors early in their team development, and yet others get trapped in a cycle of diminishing returns as buyer expectations continue to change and evolve over time.

    In the ideal sales organization, SDRs should prospect non-stop and build a massive pipeline for AEs, who do nothing but close deals. In this webinar, we will uncover exactly what the warning signs are that issues are developing in your prospecting process, and the exact steps to take to avoid them.

    Register now to hear Howard Brown, Founder and CEO of ringDNA, and Richard Harris, Founder of The Harris Consulting Group, discuss:

    • How to build prospecting plans
    • How to build a sales team around prospecting
    • The use of automation vs. personalization
    • The perfect SDR to AE structure and hand-off
  • Watch the webinar now:

    Webinar Details

    Howard Brown – Founder and CEO, ringDNA
    Richard Harris – Founder, The Harris Consulting Group

    Watch now to learn the best new evolutions in prospecting designed to close more revenue.