Why Good Enough is Better than Perfection w/ Edward Nevraumont [Episode 327]

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Among the many topics that Edward and I discuss are the battle between good enough and excellent (and why good enough is almost always better), practical tips to improve your sales with the information you already have in hand, and the value of responsiveness what you gain by making callbacks in seconds.

Joining me on this episode of Accelerate! is my guest Edward Nevraumont. Edward is a speaker, author, and consultant with a long track record of success at companies like Procter & Gamble, McKinsey and Expedia.


Edward came to Andy’s attention by writing about marketing — how it is being modified through Big Data.

Which is better — ‘good enough’ or ‘excellent’? What happens when we start to chase all the new, fancy things?

What kind of jump in sales conversions can you expect from setting your callback time to seconds, instead of days?

In Andy’s performance pyramid, what basic behaviors need to be present before skills will produce the desired sales results?

Only after you’ve run out of ‘good enough’ things to try, should you then try more complex and advanced things.

How do satisficers and maximizers come into play in the buying experience?

Why is it hard to be good enough?

When planning an email, is mediocre, but personalized content better than good, non-personalized content?

In complex sales, does the feedback cycle affect A/B testing? How can you shorten the feedback cycle?

How can specialized sales roles help improve feedback?


What’s your most powerful sales attribute?

Share, and give away, as much of my knowledge as possible.

What’s one book that every salesperson should read?

Everything is Obvious*: *Once You Know the Answer, by Duncan J. Watts

How Brands Grow: What Marketers Don’t Know, by Byron Sharp

What music is on your playlist right now?

Music from Hamilton, the musical