Put Purpose to Work in Your Business w/ Scott Beebe [Episode 427]

In this show, we consider the power of vision stories and visualizing success in sales, business, and life.

Scott Beebe, Founder and Head Coach of MyBusinessOnPurpose.com, joins me on this episode.


Scott gives the rundown on his background in football, theology, corporate, church, and an NGO. After his position was dissolved, he hired a business coach, to start his business to liberate small business owners from the chaos of business.

Entrepreneurs today find themselves busy playing every role on the team. Instead of planning how to grow, they haven’t even determined where they want to be in three years.

Scott cites Michael Gerber’s E-Myth. You need to provide immediate service, while running a company, and always have a vision story for growth.

Six months to six years is a good timeframe for a vision story. How does that differ from a goal? Vision requires time for finances, products, and personnel to mature.

The vision story is the detailed snapshot picture of what the future looks like. How does it relate to your mission statement?

Your vision story, and your unique core values drive your day-to-day decision making.

Unique core values are personal to you, beyond the basic core values such as integrity. Scott gives case examples of how core values inform projects.

Scott gives an example how one unique core value works ideally for one concrete contractor, but would not work for someone else.

Core values also inform prospect and seller whether they are a good match for each other.

Core values win deals. Scott gives another example.

“ are the curbs along the side of the road you’re taking to get to your vision.” — Scott Beebe

Scott explains by an example what kind of case would justify violating your unique core value.

The Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul was formerly Accelerate! with Andy Paul.