Intentional Outbound Marketing w/ Mercy Bell [Episode 736]

Mercy Bell, Analyst at Dogpatch Advisors, joins me on this episode.

As always, I have another great episode lined up for today. Joining me as my guest on this week’s Accelerate! is Mercy Bell. Mercy is an Analyst at Dogpatch Advisors. Now, in this week’s episode, we’re going to talk about new business development using what Mercy calls Intentional Outbound, which is a way for outbound reps to creatively form human connections with their buyers.

While we talk of Mercy about the unusual path she herself has followed to build her sales career. So in this conversation, Mercy and I dive into why the whole B2B sales profession is in need, maybe dire need of greater diversity.

And of course, great diversity from the composition of the sales teams, but also diversity in terms of incorporating diverse points of view that come from having greater diversity among our sales profession and fresh perspectives. I mean, if you spent any time at all on LinkedIn following sales thought leaders still know exactly what we’re talking about there.

We’ll talk about Mercy’s unique path into sales from working in a call center in college, tried to raise wealthy money from wealthy alumni. We’ll talk about why creativity is so important in sales. And this is a favorite topic of mine. We’ve talked about many times in the show, immerses can share how customers first impression of you really speaks to your creativity or your lack thereof.

And we’ll get into how sales managers can encourage this creativity in their sales reps and help their reps learn how to improvise within their structure of sales process to improve their performance. We’ll get into that and much, much more.