Hurdle the Barriers to Your Sales Success w/ Ralph Barsi [Episode 406]

In this episode we cover the master strategies that top sellers use to tackle barriers to sales success.


Ralph oversees the worldwide sales development at ServiceNow. His teams work to feed the top of the funnel.

Ralph explains how he engages gatekeepers.

ServiceNow started in San Diego, streamlining IT service workflow. They have expanded their offering, worldwide, to all business units within the enterprise.

Gartner claims that in 2015, 70% of IT decisions were made outside of IT. How does this influence the sales process?

What are the five major barriers to a sale?

Ralph discusses how to help reps overcome obscurity. How do you maintain your LinkedIn profile? Ralph credits Jamie Shanks and his company for branding help.

Ralph suggests looking at your market carefully, and setting up profiles with pertinent stories and metrics.

Technology enables connection, but it distracts in the moment. What behavioral example should leaders set for smartphone use?

What does Ralph ask his organization to do each week on LinkedIn, and social media? How can the smartphone help, and how can it hinder?

What did Ralph learn about action, from Tony Robbins’ RPM model? How do Ralph’s team leaders incentivize behaviors and outcomes? What flexibilities do they have?

Ralph talks about Steve Richards and Call Camp. How is conversation flow a problem with reps? What about scripts and being present in conversation? How does small talk apply?

When is the right time to sharpen your craft, and better your game? What do you choose to do with leisure time? Take charge of your career path.

The Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul was formerly Accelerate! with Andy Paul.