How to Build a Team for the Complex Enterprise Sale w/ Marcy Campbell [Episode 346]

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Among the many topics that Marcy and I discuss are Marcy’s unique sales background, the challenges of selling a disruptive product in a competitive environment, the qualifications needed for complex tech sales, and reasons why there aren’t more women in tech sales today.

Joining me on this episode of Accelerate! is my guest Marcy Campbell, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Business Development at Qubole. Qubole simplifies provisioning, management, and scaling of big data analytics workloads.


Marcy has been in sales for over 25 years. Marcy joined Qubole two-and-a-half years ago, when they had 19 customers. They now have over 200 customers, and plan to double their sales force in 2017.

Qubole has an complex enterprise sales model, and uses a ratio of one SDR for three outside field reps. Marcy considers that to be the right ratio for their system.

Marcy developed the process by working and closing deals herself and conducting lost deal reviews with prospect to find out why they didn’t buy.

From that experience, they developed a very solid qualification mechanism to pinpoint prospects that match their ideal customer profile.

Marcy looks to hire reps with technical acumen, and the intelligence and drive to handle nuanced and complex enterprise sales in a very competitive environment.

Qubole offers a new, disruptive product, so it is hard to judge a potential rep’s ability to really understand its technical aspects and value proposition. As a result Qubole has to invest in developing the reps they hire.

At Qubole, women comprise 50% of the SDR team, but very few of the outside sales reps are women.

Has the proportion of women in tech sales changed much over the years?

Would the qualifications and professionalism of sales improve through certification and accreditation programs?

Marcy describes three hard questions she asks in every interview, to evaluate thoughtfulness and understanding.

Marcy explains the single most important piece of career advice she would give to SDRs and account executives.


What’s your most powerful sales attribute?

Strip-lining — a fishing analogy of pulling back the sale to gauge customer interest.

Who is your sales role model?

My grandfather, who ran sales for NAPA Auto Parts North America. I learned from him to be constantly honing my skills.

What’s one book that every salesperson should read?

Secrets of Question-Based Selling: How the Most Powerful Tool in Business Can Double Your Sales Results, by Thomas Freese.

What music is on your playlist right now?

Bonnie Raitt, Talking Heads.