How (and why) to Send a Cup of Coffee to a Buyer w/ Braydan Young [Episode 419]

In this episode, we dive into the value of gifts for prospects in the modern sales approach, including when and when not to send.

Braydan Young, CEO and Co-Founder of Sendoso is today’s guest.


Braydan and his coworker developed a concept to help reps effectively set up more meetings.

Braydan explains how to send a cup of coffee to a prospect.

Offering a cup of coffee is a human gesture, not a sales pitch. What difference does it make to the conversation?

The operation is simple; a click triggers it in Salesforce, LinkedIn, or Gmail. Email opening is tracked.

What’s coming in Version 2? Get ready for Account Based Gifting!

Braydan talks money. Who pays for what?

Braydan talks about Salesforce integration, and how activity is managed. Sendoso also works in Marketo, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, Slack, Eloqua, and Zendesk.

Braydan tells of a 75% open rate when users send an email through Sendoso’s platform. Be sure there is good content, beyond a coffee, to engage the reader.

Sendoso works with SurveyMonkey to reward for taking a survey; Salesforce rewards registering for a webinar.

Braydan names some great use cases. Anywhere on the client-facing side has a case for gifting.

One company using Sendoso went from five to 10 demos a week. It also doubled response rate.

Braydan describes additional success stories.